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Dr Gloria Morrow

Dr Gloria Morrow
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Dr Gloria Morrow
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Dr Gloria Morrow  Biography

“A Brand New Me”

Dr. Gloria Morrow is a clinical psychologist who serves as the Director of Behavioral Health for Unicare Community Health Center, Inc. Dr. Gloria as she is affectionately called, manages the behavioral health department of their 13 clinics. She also maintains a small clinical practice that focuses on pastoral leaders, their families, and those in the entertainment industry. Dr. Gloria has been afforded many wonderful opportunities in her lifetime. Her career began as a faculty member in the Psychology Department of University of La Verne, (ULV) and she was soon promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology and Clinical Training Director at ULV and later California State University at
Fullerton. She has always loved to write, and Dr. Gloria’s work has been published in scholarly journals and books. She has also been cited in critically acclaimed national publications such as “Psychology Today,” “Jet,” “Heart and Soul,” “Essence,” “Woman’s Day,” and “Black Enterprise.” Dr. Gloria is a transformational leader who uses her skills in that area to provide leadership coaching to both non and for-profit organizations as well as for individual managers and leaders.

Dr. Gloria has authored several books entitled: “Too Broken to be Fixed? A Spiritual Guide to Inner Healing;” “Strengthening the Ties that Bind: A Guide to a Healthy Marriage;” “Keeping it Real! 7 Steps Toward a Healthier You;” “The Things that Make Men Cry,” “Create Your Blueprint for Good Success” and its companion “A Life Plan Portfolio.” She has also developed a DVD entitled: “Suffer in Silence No More” and an audio CD entitled “Maintaining Positive Emotions During Tough Times.” Dr. Gloria’s father was a pastor and her mother a gifted and talented music teacher. Her exposure to speaking and music greatly influenced her life in positive ways. Dr. Gloria plays the piano and sings. It was her early goal to become a professional singer, which did not materialize. She spent most of her youth and young adult life playing piano and performing with her sister and brother at churches and events in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas. Dr. Gloria loves empowering people through her motivational and inspirational keynote addresses, seminars and workshops. She has shared her expertise on many topics, including depression, anxiety, and a variety of mental health issues.

She is also a well-known cultural competency master trainer, who is skilled in leading and facilitating courageous conversations to equip mental health professionals, law enforcement, educators, and other professionals to become more culturally responsive to the people they serve. Dr. Gloria is well known for her unique style and grace in addressing marriage and relationship issues. She is particularly thoughtful when addressing men’s issues and has been a keynote speaker at powerful men’s conferences and events, the most recent was in 2018 at
Stevie Wonder’s KJLH Men’s Summit.

Dr. Gloria understands the potentially lethal effects of depression firsthand, and has become well known throughout the faith community because of her willingness to address the issue of mental illness in the church and the role of pastors and church leaders in granting permission for parishioners to seek mental health services outside the church when appropriate. Because of her desire to help reduce stigma and help mental health professionals to understand more about the role of spirituality/religion for people of faith, Dr. Gloria wrote a
handbook entitled S.A.F.E. (Spirituality and Faith Empowers), and a 3-day interactive workshop for faith leaders and mental health professionals.

Dr. Gloria loves the entertainment world and it is this love coupled with her desire to help others that led to her desire to write and produce stage plays. Her first play, The Things That Make Men Cry was written and produced in 2012. It is based on her book of the same name. She also wrote and produced Three Times A Lady and Detours which will have its second run in December 2019. Her latest stage play Don’t Date! Investigate will run in 2020. Dr. Gloria has completed the first draft of her first feature film. It is her chief desire to be used in the
entertainment industry as a psychological consultant for TV and film, and to provide seminars and workshops to teach those in the entertainment industry in all areas (actors, producers, directors, writers, executives) to learn how to manage stress better and to get the tools to enhance their mental wellness.

Dr. Gloria has been interviewed on a variety of radio talk shows, including KPFK 90.7 FM’s talk show, The Bev Smith Show, and The Warren Ballentine Show. She served as a relationship expert on Radio One’s 102.5 in Atlanta for Marriage Monday with radio host Darlene McCoy. She was a frequent guest on the Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated XM radio show and appeared as an expert guest on his television show, Baisden After Dark on TV One. Recently, Dr. Gloria appeared on KJLH’s radio show, Front Page with Dominique
DiPrima, and is scheduled to appear on subsequent shows on Wellness Wednesdays. Dr. Gloria has appeared as a frequent guest on CNN and has also been a guest on TBN, MSNBC, and NBC4. Dr. Gloria hosts a Facebook live weekly show called “A Brand New Me with Dr. Gloria,” at 7:00AM/PST. Dr. Gloria loves to laugh, and her smile is a ray of sunshine for those who encounter her. She loves spending time with her family, especially her son (Steve), daughters (Mika and Rochelle), and three grandchildren (MaLaun, Kalin, and Blake) who are the loves of her life. “My greatest accomplishment to date is my ability to be comfortable giving and receiving love to and from God, my family, friends, and the communities I am blessed to serve.”