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Carla Serenity-Baker

Carla Serenity-Baker

Carla Serenity-Baker  Biography

God’s Bae Nation

Many people would ask me, why was I single, why didn’t I have a “man” or why wasn’t I married and after giving a long and drawn out history to my journey of becoming a single woman in this new age world of having someone, somebody hidden somewhere.

I just got tired of having to repeat myself. So, I simply started answering with, I’m single right now because I’m God’s Baby short for “God’s Bae”. You see, one shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed or be shamed for not being in a relationship or settling with someone who isn’t of equal yoke just to say you have someone. Trust, I’ve been there and done that and refuse to allow myself to just “be” in a relationship just to say I have somebody. We all deserve more and secretly desire more.

I realized in order to be loved, cherished, adored and respected in any type of relationship, the way he intended for us to be loved we must “Put God first and everything else will fall into place”, Matthew 22:15-22.

So if you feel pressured or you feel like you’re alone, please don’t because we are still the apple of his eyes and we will forever be his #GodsBae.

And remember, we love you #GodsBae Nation!