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Paris & Melody Escovedo

Paris & Melody Escovedo
Artist Name
Paris & Melody Escovedo
Birth Place
Oakland / Pasadena
Latin, R&B

Paris & Melody Escovedo  Biography

“The Despacito Show”

Paris is a multi talented musician, actor, and producer. Born in Oakland and raised in the bay area, he branded a sound of his own “ghetto jazz“ a union of urban, Funk, soul, Latin jazz hip-hop and Afro Cuban influences. Top by his legendary father Thomas “Coke“ Escovedo whom toured with Santana and co-wrote the gold hit “No One To Depend On” and formed iconic Latin rock so fuck band Azteca.

Perez has played percussion at an early age. He was given his first set up timbales from Tito Puente. Perez has performed, toward and record it with Grammy award artist such as Bobby Brown, pink, Sean Mullins, Angie stone, arrested development, Lauryn Hill, vitamin C, speech, Collective Soul, Najee, Peter White, Mark Brown, the Dazz Band, Howard Johnson. Paris Escovedo is an international recording artist, Who is well known in the music industry and today’s music century

Love Pirate Music
Los Angeles, California

Melody Escovedo is a Los Angeles Native, born in Pasadena, and raised in East Los Angeles. She is a representative of the new era of Chicana who is here to add her own twist to the industry. Her career began when her parents enrolled her in acting class at the local community theatre, Bilingual Foundation for the Arts in Lincoln Heights. Resulted in her acting in a awareness commercial for kids, (at age six)the Los Angeles school district, as well as her acting in local plays . She did commercials for PBS Latino reading series after school. She has participated in professional modeling with world renowned photographer, Ricky Clay. She has recorded and produced her fathers record, Legacy. Coming from a famous musical family, “ The E family”, heavily known in the Bay Area Escovedo expresses, “ music has always been apart of my life since I was a little kid, I remember being three years old and playing the congas while I repeated whatever rhythm my father was playing on the congas next to me. Melody is currently working on her debut album, “ Rosas ”, which is expected to hit the scene this 2020. She is equipping all the elements of Latin Sounds, while adding Hip Hop & Urban R&B to her sound.