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The Guy Parker Show

The Guy Parker Show
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The Guy Parker Show
Relationship Talk

The Guy Parker Show  Biography

“The Guy Parker show is 2 men having candid, deep, and hilarious conversations about everyday situations in relationships and, for that matter, life in general, that everyone encounters and has to deal with. These conversations provoke thought and reveal deep seeded issues, prejudices, bias, and seemingly absurd logic while humorously allowing anyone listening to examine themselves without feeling threatened or judged.”

Jaimyon Parker was born to entertain and tell stories that both tickle the funny bone and stimulate the mind. His journey to acting took him through many career fields in which he excelled, including a tour with the US Air Force, of which he is a proud veteran. He finally found his passion with acting, and has been blessed to find his way and do well. Jaimyon has been on network television with hilarious and seasoned performers, last being seen in his recurring role of Donovan Moneywise on Bounce TV’s network series IN THE CUT alongside Dorien Wilson and John Marshall Jones. On stage, he has been blessed to work with legends at such prestigious theatres as The Stella Adler Theatre and The Pasadena Playhouse. He has produced and starred in 5 full length stage productions and has been nominated and won several awards from amazing organizations including most recently from the NAACP THEATRE AWARDS. Jaimyon has worked in over 15 feature length films and has been sought after to write a number more. Currently he is set to play a major supporting role in the upcoming feature film BLACK IN BLUE (www.blackinbluefilm.com). In 2013 he started SKELETON KEY PICTURES (www.skeltonkeypictures.com.

You can keep up with Jaimyon on Social Media at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaimyon
Twitter: @jaimyon
Instagram: @jaimyon

EMAIL: theguyparkershow@gmail.com